I am passionate about art – making it, seeing it, feeling it! I am intuitive by nature – I feel, sense and
react deeply to my surroundings, emotions and situations. My art flows from this passion, it is
abstract and expressive.

I am inspired the everyday sights, sounds, scents and events around me – the simple everyday…a
walk by the river or in the woods, a blustery day by the sea, the autumn colours surrounding my
woodland art studio. My memories also play an important part in the art I create: my early years
growing up in Australia with vast open spaces, dramatic landscapes and the wild beauty and rugged
coastline of Galicia, Spain, my mother’s homeland.

Art is a constant discovery for me with endless possibilities. From my initial thoughts and marks I
allow my work to evolve, often letting my intuition, the paint or medium take the lead, but then I
may pull the painting back to its original idea, encouraging a constant ebb and flow of intention and
spontaneity. I love to explore combining diverse materials and mediums and experiment with fresh
colour combinations, breaking the rules and feeling my way. I use different textures and collage to
capture emotion and expression and try to push myself to explore and discover unique approaches
and styles.

“Every artist dips her brush into her own soul, and paints her own truth into her pictures” (Henry
Ward Beecher).

I hope my art speaks to you and inspires you.